How To Make DIY Clothes And Accessories For Your Kids

When it comes to dressing kids up, parents have to be creative and come up with new and creative ways to dress up kids and also minimize their budget. Kids outgrow their clothes with the speed of lightning and in order to keep up, you have to get creative with DIY and upcycling. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy clothes and accessories like Bling Headbands for your little girl. This just means you have to be extra resourceful when it comes to some basics and items that can be reused and recycled. Instead of stocking up on brand new clothes every time there are tips you can learn that will teach you how to DIY recycle and upcycle your kids’ clothes for excellent repurposing.

Make Bling Headbands with Old Jewelry

If you have old jewelry lying around such is old earrings or old fake pearl necklaces etc you can take them apart and add them to a bangle in order to create a blinged out headband.

Turn a T-shirt into a Dress

You can put together some old t-shirts (which won’t be really old just outgrown) and use them to make a dress. This is done by sewing them together and you can mix and match colors in a way that makes the dress a unique piece of clothing that no one else has. For example, you can take a white t-shirt and blue t-shirt and a yellow or floral t-shirt and use it to form your own pattern, then sew it into a dress for your little one. Another advantage of this is that t-shirts often come in soft breathable material, so when converted into a dress it will be a very comfortable dress that your kids will love wearing.


Make a Dress from a Man’s Shirt

Even me as an adult I do this. It’s a priceless hack that everyone should know about. You can turn a men’s work shirt into a dress just by making some minor tweaks and a little sewing for fitting purposes. The shirt is already very big and has enough material, in many cases you even have to cut out some excess material in order to achieve your desired length. There are many options on how you can do this. The secret is to choose the right shirt for the occasion. So in the fall, you could use a plaid shirt for your conversion purposes and turn it into a nice shirt dress for your little one which will go well with ankle or knee-high boots.


Use Painted Fabric

This is a great way to get your kids involved in your DIY project and have them practice their craft skills. You can get really cheap an affordable fabric from stores like Hublot and have your kids paint the fabric in any color and pattern they want. Then you, in turn, sew it into skirts, shorts, t-shirts etc for them. They will love wearing their own creations and it will serve is a way to encourage their creativity. Remember to let the fabric dry up properly before you start sewing, make sure you buy the right paint that’s good for clothing fabric and that will not cause irritation to the skin.


Make Patchwork Shorts

If you do a lot of sewing, chances are you have a lot of extra material patches lying around. These patches are usually too small to make anyone item on their own but they can be used in combination with others to make a patchwork item. Patchwork shorts are usually the most common because they have a certain appeal to them. Making patchwork shorts require a certain amount of sewing so if you are not confident in your sewing skills, you can watch tutorials or try your hand on easier DIY projects first, till you get better at sewing and then you can try it out.


No-Sew Bandana Dress

This is a nice tip for those who have little to no sewing skills. You can take two bandanas and tie them together and you have yourself a little pillowcase dress or blouse for your little one. You can also use other types of scarves for this. It doesn’t have to be a bandana. You can find different suggestions on youtube on how to tie different types of scarves and turn them into blouses.


T-shirt Skirt

You can make a skirt for your little girl using a t-shirt. You need to add elastic and close up some seems here and there but the process is pretty straightforward and easy once you know what you’re doing. You can follow steps online or watch YouTube tutorials.


T-shirt Tote Bag

You’ve probably heard of this somewhere before or even seen it. Turning t-shirts into tote bags is a good way to repurpose an oversized t-shirt. You can also turn a smaller t-shirt into totes for your little ones. Make sure you use a t-shirt that has solid materials with staying power so the tote bag can hold things. Also if the material is solid, then the bag will not stretch out after one use. A t-shirt tote is a great option for use when you are going to the park with the family or when you are going to the beach. You can put snacks and supplies in the bag and even one or two bottles of water.


Turn and Adult Sweater into a Kid Sweater

Turn and Adult Sweater into a Kid Sweater or a kid sweater dress. You can repurpose one of your old sweaters and turn it into a sweater dress for your kid. Depending on how old or how tall your kid is you can add a belt on the waist to add some style and flare to the outfit. You can also add accessories like a broach or a necklace to bring some bling to the outfit.